How to Choose a Good Spill Kit

Dealing with oil or liquid spills can be tiresome if you do not know how to clean such spills. It gets worse if you don’t have the best tools to clean the spill. Once some spill occurs, either some oil spill at your garage or in your own house, then it is good that you have some spill kits. In case a spill takes place, what you need is a collection of items meant to dry up the spill, the items are called spills kit. All spills are not cleaned in the same manner. Each spill requires a special way to clean up the mess. It is, therefore, necessary to have proper spill kits. With so many options available, how do you determine the best spill kits? Below are the ways of determining the best spill kit.

The Amount of Spill that Can Happen

You should be able to determine the largest amount of liquid that you can possibly spill from a single storage container. This way you will be able to determine the type of spill kit to have at your place. Drums can be used as storage containers; usually drums result in a complete spill. In case you store your liquids in totes, then you should consider the volume of your largest tote as the worst amount you can spill. Though it is not practical to absorb the whole amount of spill, you can use a spill kit together with spill response products like drain covers.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

You should be aware that there are many types of liquids that can create a spill. It is good to also understand that spill responders come in different shapes and types. Due to these two factors, it is good to have proper protective equipment which matches your kit. You should also have emergency call numbers when a case goes severely wrong. A good example is the emergency spill response Brisbane offers to its citizens.

The Cabinet or Container for Your Kit

It is advisable that you find a kit that suits your storage chamber. Though there is no law that tells you what a spill kit must include, it’s good to have a chamber with information on how to cleanup a spill.

Types of Liquids

When you understand the type of liquid that you commonly buses at your place, then you will be able to determine the best kit for such a place. There are three types of kits that you can choose from. The first one is the blue label which is well made for spills or oils; coolants and other water based non-corrosive liquids. Then there is the pink label which is designed for corrosive liquids. The third one is the aqua label which absorbs spills of oil based liquids only.

Type of Container Which Works Best in Your Place

You should have kits which can be located in areas that are prone to spills. Such areas can be the loading area, areas where drums are stored, and dispensing station. You can also have one or two kits that you can transport to the area that have the oil spill.