Understanding the Threat to SCADA Networks

There has been an increase on cyber-attacks on vital infrastructures and this has become a pandemic for organizations and governments all around the world. Metropolitan traffic control systems, power generations facilities, factories and even water treatment systems have become some of the key targets of cyber attackers. Furthermore, there have been reports of a wide array of data thefts, network breaches and even denial of service operations. The level of vulnerability in these organizations vary from standard issues such as systems with default only password to software bugs and configurations problems. As soon as the attacker runs a program that is able to access the controller, then there is a high chance of a cyber-attack. All these are potential threats to the SCADA networks.

Understanding SCADA and the SCADA systems

Vital infrastructure facilities such as oil, electricity, waste and gas depend on electrical, hydraulic, mechanical and other kinds of equipment. This equipment is managed by computer systems that are called controllers and sensors. The SCADA systems are also linked with the management systems to form a network that leverage ICS and SCADA solutions. Both SCADA and ICS allow for efficient data collection and analysis and help in system automation of equipment such as valves, pumps and relays. These systems have many benefits and have led to their wide adoption. Their stability and reliability helps vital infrastructure facilities to use both SCADAand ICS solutions for a very long time.

These networks were made to offer a reliable system management. In most cases, they don’t include mechanisms so as to cope up with the current security threats from both internal and external networks in the IT industry.

SCADA vulnerabilities

Many people believe that the SCADA system and ICS are separated from IT networks. Well, this is very true, but only as far as physical separation is concerned. Many SCADA systems are vulnerable to attacks because of the following reasons

Lack of monitoring

Lack of active network monitoring has played a major role in encouraging cyber-attacks. Without monitoring, it is not easy to identify suspicious activities, detect potential threats and react to the attacks promptly.

Slow updates

The SCADA systems are continually advancing. However, the problem is that with increased advancement, the vulnerability of the systems also increases and this attracts new attacks. Without the right systems in place managing software and firmware updates may not be convenient. However, the updates are still critical for optimum protection.

Lack of knowledge about devices

Devices that are connected to a SCADA system are easy to monitor and control as well as to update. However, not all devices have reporting equalities, meaning that there is little knowledge regarding network connected devices.

Not understanding traffic

Employees need to know the kind of traffic that is running through their networks.  Only then they can decide the best approach to take to respond to network threats. With the technological advancements in data analysis, one can get a vivid picture of the information collected from traffic monitoring and use such Intel for actionable intelligence. Please visit http://www.parasyn.com.au/data-acquisition-services-scada-systems-rtu-solutions/.

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Picking Your Healthcare Cloud Computing Partner: A Critical Guide

Globally, healthcare is progressively catching up with other industries in the utilization of technology to enhance operational efficiencies. At the centre of this transformation from manual systems to technology in hospitals and other medical facilities is healthcare cloud computing. Yet, care-giving facilities need to engage the right technology providers to help set up cloud-based systems that can support collaboration and coordination of care between doctors and patients, as well as amongst other stakeholders within the medical fraternity.

If you’re considering moving your medical information systems to the “cloud”, here’s how to pick the right technology partner:

Data Processing and Storage Needs

As you engage your preferred provider of cloud computing for your healthcare facility, consider the need for access to on-demand data processing and storage. When a third party is hosting your hospital records, they should be able to offer storage for big data sets, such as radiology imagery as well as electronic health records.


The primary reason why cloud computing is a preferred model in a wide spectrum of industries is reduced costs. However, you need not make a switch to healthcare cloud computing unless cost analysis demonstrates that it’s going to be expensive in the long run to acquire and maintain your own computer systems. So, ask your provider about the monthly fees you’ll be paying them for supporting your hospital information technology requirements.


There are many providers of cloud computing systems. However, not all have competencies or even capacities for the adequate support of medical data processing requirements. You’re better off picking a provider that has background in health care industries. Keep in mind that information systems as well as data processing protocols for health care are not necessarily the same as those for other industries, such as auto assembly or e-Commerce.


The availability of technological support is very critical to the full implementation and optimisation of a cloud computing system for the health care industry. Remember, you’re moving to the cloud to avoid costs, such as of hiring and maintaining a fully-fledged IT department. As such, you’ll be relying on your cloud computing provider for swift tech support.

You may also want to inquire about the training of your medical staff that will be interacting with the new system. Your employees are medical professionals, so they’ll need to be directed on how to utilize the software. Thankfully, cloud computing providers are usually willing to train medical staff on this subject.


The viability of any cloud computing software is also dependent on how easy it is to use. So, look at the interfaces provided, especially if there is a trial version of the software. The system should be highly intuitive with self-explanatory navigation, command buttons, reports, and data entry/query features.

How quickly and timely you’re able to access and process data in your medical facility is highly dependent on the information system you’re using. That’s why the appropriate healthcare cloud computing software is one tool that many hospitals, clinics, and other medical centres are relying on to boost their operational efficiencies.

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Printer Repair Contract Negotiation and Renewal

Planning for individual repair of each printer in use within a business enterprise may oftentimes prove to be a time-consuming exercise. Conversely, arranging for a printer repair contract could save you a significant amount of inconvenience. Doing this would afford you time to focus on other important aspects of your business, especially if operating within a time-sensitive environment. Seeking for services of say, printer repair Epson specialists provide through contract, would guarantee your business a replacement printer and call-out time. This all depends upon its focus and orientation.

Speedy Delivery of Maintenance Services

However, if your firm works on long-term projects, having a swift call-out provision within your printer maintenance contract might be quite an unlikely necessity. Still, cutting down the speed of onsite response, perhaps from an Epson printer repair professional when such assistance becomes necessary could assist in lowering overall costs of your contract.

Discount for Bulk Services

You can get down to negotiating for a good contract of printer repair Epson technicians offer for instance, after determining all your requirements for one. Expect to have greater bargaining power the more your number printers requiring routine maintenance and support. It would help much at such point to be equipped for the negotiation with a list of preliminary quotes offered by other companies too. It should enable you negotiate the cost further downwards.

Review of Printer Servicing Contract

You can be more relaxed after negotiating your printer repair contract, perhaps with Epson repair services in Sydney. That said do ensure processes are in place for reporting to you if problems do arise relative to meeting maintenance terms. These would make great aspects of consideration when reviewing your contract. As well, certain things might pop up within the term of contract, which you would require making part of such review.

Finding a Good Printer Servicing Firm

Printers consist of diverse components which makes them difficult to fix if broken, except with help from seasoned maintenance professionals. Using a faulty one could lead to great damage and even losses to a business. Managed print services present a great option to people in business. They are capable of moving with speed to correct any anomalies with printers and thus reducing business inconveniences.

Look forward to any unusual problems being fixed immediately once you seek services of printer repair Epson specialists have available. As well, expect having your print resources, such as sheets and ink cartridges being managed in a highly professional manner at all times.

Following the tips pointed out above would ensure you end up obtaining the most gains from a particular contract for printer repair and maintenance. You may for example find reliable Epson printer repair service from experts in Sydney.

Businesses need to ensure that any kinds of printing equipment they employ are kept in best condition at all times. You can sign a maintenance contract today with experienced providers of printer and plotter repairs in Sydney. Find more assistance towards this end by going on the web at https://printer-repairs.com.au/printer-repairs/epson/.

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